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BizBiz Share is North America's first B2B asset sharing and networking platform, synergizing local businesses by integrating the sharing economy into their business model. This innovative and easy to use platform allows companies to unlock the full potential of their dormant assets by sharing (renting/leasing) them with other companies in their vicinity. Warehousing, forklifts, heavy equipment, machinery, office space, etc. can all be put to contribution, so can specialized technical services, expertise, and personnel etc.
Generate revenue
Generate additional turnover by renting out dormant equipment, infrastructures and personnel.

Save on cost
Avoid buying new equipment or infrastructure for temporary needs. Lease or borrow them from neighboring companies at a lower cost.

Stimulate your networking and business development by sharing with your local business community.

Help the environment
Your company will now discard less waste and consume less intensively. And that’s great for the planet!
By using the “My ads” tab in the platform you can create an internal asset inventory system by logging all of your company’s assets into the platform. BizBiz Share encourages companies to log all of their corporate assets into the platform. This will help your company to keep track of your assets and will be useful for insurance reasons in case of a claim (fire, theft, etc.).

Note: By adding all of your assets to the platform you will have the choice to hide the assets you don’t wish to share and simply wish to catalogue in your inventory. This way other members of your BizBiz network will only see the assets you wish to share.
Yes, you have the option of using the model rental agreement provided by BizBiz Share free of charge. Please refer to the ‘’Documentation’’ tab on your Dashboard.

It is also possible to use your own rental agreement. Lessor (owner) and lessee (user) will have to agree on the type of rental agreement in an early stage of the rental procedure.
When renting out equipment, a lessor (owner) should have basic liability insurance for the items that are put up for rent. Most corporate insurance have this in their coverage. Any consequences of theft should be dealt with accordingly through the insurance agency.
BizBiz Share is exclusively a B2B platform designed for companies. Individuals may not sign up and companies that become part of the BizBiz Share network are vetted to ensure the highest quality of users on the platform.
In order to facilitate and make transport more economically affordable BizBiz Share has in place a partnership with Group Lipari serving the Montreal Greater Region. All BizBiz Share members can benefit from a 10% discount and an impeccable and timely service. Simply contact Group Lipari for all transportation needs and mention you are part of the BizBiz Network!
There are no limits to the number of assets/services you can list on BizBiz Share, in order to benefit more from asset sharing we encourage all companies to share as many of their underused resources as possible!
Upon sign up, BizBiz Share will send you the BizBiz welcome package! This will include a host of material to successfully guide your company in implementing asset sharing in your business model!

Documents will include:
  1. Complete User Guide
  2. Implementation guides to asset sharing and the BizBiz Share platform in your business
  3. An internal communication for your employees
  4. Rental agreement template
  5. The contact info of your local BizBiz Wiz representative
The BizBiz Network is where you can find all the members of the BizBiz Community.

Each member on the BizBiz Share platform has a profile that is displayed on the BizBiz Network. This allows other members part of the BizBiz Network to find the companies within their local business community allowing them to search by name and category/industry of business they are looking for. BizBiz Share aims to not only help companies to optimize the usage of their corporate assets but also maximize their business development by being more familiar with their business community.
Setting up your BizBiz Share account (creating profile & uploading assets) depending on the number of underused assets your company owns and never takes longer than 1hour.
In most cases equipment and machinery will be rented as a service, Example: A CNC Machining service with an operator on site offered for an hourly or contractual rate. Additionally, our users report having a positive experience with asset sharing and end up fully integrating the concept within their companies.
In the event that you may think your company cannot offer any underused resources & services we suggest booking a session with a BizBiz Wiz who will assess your companies’ belongings and make sure you haven’t overlooked any potential untapped resources.

Furthermore in the unlikely event that your company has nothing to offer you can use BizBiz Share to save money by renting products and services from companies in your vicinity and having access to the BizBiz network allowing you to get familiar with members of your business community as well as benefiting from increased visibility and marketing.

You too can benefit from the synergy of the BizBiz Share community !

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