BizBiz Share is... Smart, Easy and Innovative
So we figured it should also be affordable!

BizBiz Share Membership

A community is only as strong as its members, this is why we always intend to keep BizBiz Share as inclusive and affordable as possible for companies of all sizes and industries to benefit from sharing economy

BizBiz Share Special Promo!
$199.99 for your first year!

*Free 1 hour on site BizBiz Wiz session

*$39.95/Month +txs

(12 months yearly payment)

$69.95/Month +txs

(No Contract)

What you can expect:

  1. Your company’s very own customizable account and profile.
  2. Unlimited access and usage.
  3. Internal asset inventory system.
  4. Enhancement of your corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  5. Networking opportunities with other companies.
  6. Marketing and visibility thanks to the "BizBiz Network".
  7. The “BizBiz Welcome Package”.
  8. Access to a BizBiz Wiz (Hourly rate applies).
  9. Access to our support team by email or phone.
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