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The BizBiz Share Story

From common sense to a revolutionary idea!

The problem that started it all

Alberta It all started while working on an oil sand site in northern Alberta. The site was host to around 100 contractors. One day, with temperatures near -40 Celsius, a group of us were working on a culvert when one of our skidsteer’s hydraulic systems exploded!

The work had to be halted and our foreman instructed us to go sit in the trucks and wait. 2 days went by before a new skidsteer could be shipped up. While waiting, I kept thinking to myself, “what a waste of productivity this is…”

One thought I couldn’t shake off was that of the very same skidsteer, in the laydown of a nearby company. It was just sitting idle, collecting snow instead of being put to work. What if we could have just leased it temporarily? Our project manager would have jumped at the opportunity to avoid delays and costs overrun.

And so, the idea was born; a tool that allows companies to collaborate and work together to optimize the efficiency of their resources and under-used assets. This synergy benefits our economy, enterprises and environment. And today this community is BizBiz Share!

The Solution

BizBiz Share is the first B2B collaborative platform, synergizing local businesses by integrating the sharing economy into their business model. This innovative and easy to use platform allows companies to unlock the full potential of their dormant assets by sharing (renting/leasing) them with other companies in their vicinity. Warehousing, Forklifts, Heavy equipment, machinery, office space, etc. can all be put to contribution, so can specialized technical services, expertise, and personnel etc. BizBiz Share also aims to promote the growth of business communities by allowing local companies to better know each other and collaborate.

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Our Team

The BizBiz team is the integral part of our company, it consists of driven and hard working individuals committed to the success of BizBiz's mission. As our business grows so does our need for talent! We are always on the lookout to find new members of the BizBiz team which will bring their dynamism and skills to help make BizBiz Share a world class company. if you think you have what it takes then drop us your CV.

Advisory Council

In order to continuously innovate and meet industry specific demands BizBiz Share has created an advisory council consisting of industry leaders and great thinkers. The councils mission is to guide the BizBiz Share initiative towards revolutionary concepts and functionalities to constantly push forth the boundaries of innovation and disrupt the status quo.

If you wish to be a become a member of the BizBiz Share Advisory Council, please reach out to us.


You too can benefit from the synergy of the BizBiz Share community !

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